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Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams is a hidden-object adventure game (See all)

Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams is a hidden-object adventure game developed by Absolutist and Happy Artist. It comprises four stories where your character has the same objective - to help a group of relatives fulfill their dreams. The game is completely based on the search for hidden objects and combines it with a sweet, well-developed story.

The game is divided into four chapters, each one for a different relative, and all share the basic gameplay. It starts with aunt Adele, a frustrated ballet dancer who dreamed of being a worldwide famous ballet dancer. But being a shy and fearful person, she was never able to fulfill her wishes. Every night, your aunt dreams about the moment when she goes on stage to perform, but then something interrupts her. Making use of your supernatural powers, you will enter your aunt's dreams to find the reason of her frustration and possibly help her change her destiny.

The adventure begins in your aunt's dressing-room, just before she attempts to go on stage. All sorts of obstacles will appear to prevent her from making it; it's either a locked door that needs a special key, a mouse that appears blocking your way, lights that cut out just before the performance, etc. Fortunately, you are there to find a solution.

For that, you will explore the environment with your mouse until you find cursor changes, which will indicate an interactive zone: an object to pick up, a hidden-object scene, mini games. Items with a special use will be kept in your inventory, and the game will indicate you when and where you should use them with a red gear on the cursor.

Hidden-object scenes are standard and very easy to solve, presenting a list with around 20 objects to find in a cluttered scene. Hints can be used to spot objects faster, and it is possible to click around a scene randomly without being penalized. Hints are not available outside hidden-object scenes, though, and that adds to the game a bit more challenge.

The game has some extraordinary, detailed graphics that illustrate each story beautifully and music that accompanies accordingly. In short, a casual game that invites you to explore dreamy scenarios and will captivate you with its lovely stories, characters, and the number of challenges to solve.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Four stories in one game
  • Lots of puzzles and HOGs to solve
  • Rechargeable hints
  • Lovely stories and characters
  • Great graphics and music


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